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Probably the most inspiring picture ever, I believe it was the 2008 Beijing Games and the guy gave up the race to help another 

why doesn’t this have a million notes? this is actually amazing.

no hipster chicks deem it starbucks enough? damn awesome picture


how can you not reblog again and again.. it’s the most beautiful photo on tumblr

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a happy couple might’ve got married today 

someone might’ve kissed their best friend and realized they are gay today

someone might’ve found out they were officially cancer free today

someone might’ve finally finished their debut novel today 

lots of interesting things might’ve happening today 

we should celebrate 

you’re the kind of person everyone needs in their lives

This textpost literally just saved my life.

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I was flipping through Glamour when I saw this article, I almost choked on my soda to be honest. Five pages, all about eating disorders, the lack if knowledge of them by doctors, and how to help yourself or your friends if you/they have an eating disorder.
They talk about BED as well, not just anorexia and bulimia. I’d like it if they spoke about EDNOS as well but otherwise I loved it.
Good job Glamour, four for you.

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